Websites & Digital

A strong online presence
is essential in today’s world.

Website as seen on mobileYour website matters.

This is the first place people look to learn more about you. It is worth the investment to direct resources towards having an informative, attractive, and easy-to-navigate website.

If all you have is a Facebook page, then keep in mind that you’re not reaching demographics that are not on that platform. Absolutely, use Facebook as a way to engage your client base, but be sure to have a professionally designed website as well. This sends the message that you are established, organized and trustworthy. (which is distinct from is a professional Content Management System (CMS) – website software – which can be customized to fit your needs. It’s ideal for integrating with social media and easy to maintain, meaning that day-to-day updates can be handled in-house. You can expect your completed website to be cross-platform-compatible, user-friendly and attractive.

Be strategic about social media.

First, the warning: social media can be time-consuming without delivering measurable results. So an important first step is to consider which sorts of social media are most likely to serve your business well. Next, commit to ensuring that your social media will be updated regularly with engaging content. With that said, platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be a great way to keep people connected with what you’re doing. Well designed graphics, tailored to these platforms can ensure that your accounts look professional and consistent with your brand.

Make the most of online services geared towards simplifying contact management for smaller businesses. I recommend MailChimp or ConstantContact. Their email services provide a cost-effective way to manage contacts and to produce professional e-newsletters. This can be improved upon even more with the services of a designer who can tailor graphics to your message.