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Especially for churches: bright ideas in web design

There are two routes to consider when building a new website, and the best route for you will depend on your specific needs. Consider the complexity of the site that you want. How frequently will your completed site be updated and by whom?

Content management system sites (such as WordPress) are ideal if your community is engaged in social media, if you plan to make frequent changes and updates to its content, or if you’d like to have the completed site managed by staff who are computer-savvy, but not code-savvy.

Samples of WordPress sites include the one that you are currently on! Also, check out the sites for St. Margaret in-the-Pines, West Hill, The Church of the Ascension, Sudbury and St. Elmo’s Youth Group.

Custom-coded “Static” Sites:
Static sites are best for simple sites that will be primarily professionally managed and/or require minimal maintenance. They are fast-loading and highly customizable.

For samples of “static” sites, visit St. James Cemetery, St. Bart’s Church, and St. Michael & All Angels