Studies for Teens (12-16)


“622” | Year One and Year Two are now available!

622 lesson

Each year of “622” is a 42-lesson study series developed for The Prayer Book Society of Canada. The series seeks to guide teens into a lifelong practice of private and corporate devotion, drawing from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), the Psalter, and a wide-range of scriptures.

Wondering about the series title? “622” is the page number of the BCP that begins the service for young people.

The PBSC has made the first two years of 622 available for download free of charge! Check it out here.

Kerry is thrilled to be working on a third year of lessons for the 622 series, scheduled for launch September 2018!


The Book of Ruth | A six-part series

  • Download PDFs: Intro1234 | Wrap up
  • Study level: Accessible
  • Includes the NIV text with space for notes, guided commentary and questions for discussion or reflection.


The Book of Daniel

  • Download PDF, 646 kb
  • Study level: Accessible
  • Includes guided commentary on narrative material (chapters 1-6) and a brief note on prophetic material (chapters 7-12)


The Book of Ezekiel

  • Download PDF, 732 kb
  • Study level: Advanced
  • Includes notes on the prophet and times, outline of the book with notes regarding highlights, and timeline of the Old Testament leading up to the book of Ezekiel


Music Alternatives for Teens

Do you ever wish that there was great music out there in the genre that your kids are listening to, but with a Christian message? There is! Following are a few lists to whet your appetite.