Curriculum for Kids (6-12)

Cultivating an understanding in our kids of the hope of the Christian faith, and the tradition in which it is rooted is crucial to the future of the Church. Below you will find free curriculum resources to assist with educational programming for kids aged 6-12.

Start here:

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  • General Recommendations | Download PDF, 239 kb
    Reviewing this document is the best place to start. In it you will find notes on materials, set up, lesson structure, content, as well as classroom tips.
  • “How it all fits together” chart | Download PDF, 630 kb
    I recommend having this or a similar chart available in the classroom to help kids visiualize the overall context of lessons.
  • Junior prayer book | Download PDF, 716 kb
    These booklets are a great way to introduce kids to praying with a book. The language is a simplified version of the BCP, and can be used as part of the weekly lesson in the same way that adult worship makes use of prayer books.

Lesson Materials:

  • Theological Storybook: The Story of the Eucharist | Download PDF, 713 kb
  • Theological Storybook: The Story of Pentecost | Download PDF, 495 kb

Sample Lessons: