“Our business is to present that which is timeless – the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow – in the particular language of our own age.” – C. S. Lewis

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  • Do you have a traditional place of meeting? The architecture of your building and the history of your community’s presence in the neighbourhood are some of your greatest assets. Consider focusing outreach efforts on those who live and work nearby and may already be interested.
  • Review programming regularly. It should be consistent with the identity and mission of the church, but it should also be relevant to the demographics you are reaching out to. (If you’re in Toronto, you can learn more about your neighbourhood demographics here.)
  • Infuse your ministry with substance. Take advantage of the wealth of material available from the faith tradition, much of which is made more accessible through technology. Below are a number of resources, as well as links to some helpful websites.

Other Online Resources for Churches

  • BibleGateway.com > Searchable online Bible with numerous translations available
  • prayerbook.ca > The Book of Common Prayer online
  • Anglican.ca > Canadian Church Liturgical Texts in pdf format are made available by the Anglican Church of Canada, including: The Book of Alternative Services | For All The Saints | Occasional Celebrations | Supplementary Eucharistic Prayers, Services of the Word, and Night Prayer | Public Distribution of Holy Communion by Deacons and Lay People | The Canadian Book of Common Prayer